The Leading Hotels of the World 2022 Annual Convention

Riviera Maya, Mexico

UNICO 20º 87º Hotel Riviera Maya

November 17-19


Please fill out the information requested below and submit it no later than October 23th, 2022.

You will receive an email confirming your arrival and departure transfer details provided.   Should you need to make any changes or cancel your airport transfer, please contact



Before landing, be sure to have the FMM Immigration form filled out, it is one per person. The FMM form will be provided during your flight to Cancun and serves as a “Tourist Card” during your stay in Mexico, so please keep it in a safe place. When leaving Cancun, you will be asked by the airline company for this document so that Mexican Immigration has record of your departure from our Country.

Once you arrive into the Cancun Airport, you will clear Mexican Immigration using your passport, and your FMM immigration form. Then, proceed to the luggage carousel, secure your bags and head for the Customs official. While on your flight into Mexico, you will be given a Mexican Customs form to complete. The Customs Official will take this form from you, but you will also be asked to push a button at the “traffic light” where the agent will be standing. Only one person per party will be asked to push the button. If it goes green, you will be permitted to exit the airport. If it goes red, you are subject to questioning and an inspection of your luggage (this is a routine inspection that should take a few minutes). It’s the luck of the draw, so don’t feel alarmed if it turns red!

Having completed this exercise, walk through the hallway all the way to the exit, where you will see our Maritur staff, wearing a RED SHIRT and BEIGE PANTS, holding a welcome sign with The Leading Hotels of the World. After locating our Maritur staff, you will be escorted to your scheduled means of transportation and transferred to Unico 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya


Our Transportation will be ready at Unico 20°87° Hotel Riviera Maya at your confirmed pick up. Please be ready 10 minuts before your departure time.

For questions, changes or cancellations please email:

Martine Rodin

Senior Manager, Client Events & Experiences EMEA


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    • Our private transportation services have a waiting period of 30 minuts on arrivals and 15 minuts on departures. Additional waiting time will be automatically charged.
    • For departures, please be ready in the lobby of your hotel 10 minuts before your pick up time.